Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Civil Procedure and Civil Procedure Blog

Welcome to Civil Procedure and the Civil Procedure Blog. This will be the primary means of communicating assignments, questions, comments, stories, and other information between class meetings.It also is a forum for you all to bring forward questions, comments, and other Civ-Pro-related stuff. The purposes and uses of the blog are discussed in the Syllabus.

To read the blog, go to; posts can be read from most to least recent. To post to the blog, go to; log-in with username and password.

Everyone must register as an author. To register, please send an email to me ( In the subject line, type "Civ Pro Registration;" in the body, be sure to include your name and your email address. You will receive an "Invitation" email, inviting you to register. Follow the steps listed. Please register under your full name (first and last); no handles or user names. When you register, you also will learn how to draft posts, provide links to sites, post files, etc.