Wednesday, January 11, 2017

For Friday-Section A

Wednesday audio. We are still meeting at 10:45 on Fridays.

Review the remaining Complaints; identify how many claims are in each, by whom, against whom, and for what legal right. Then examine the structure of each pleading in light of the requirements of FRCP 8 and 10--how does each comport with those rules and what decisions did the drafter make as to each? What is the purpose of a complaint, both from the standpoint of the judicial system and the plaintiff filing the complaint? How do each of these complaints reflect those purposes?

Then move to Pleading: Joinder of Parties and Claims. For Friday, focus on FRCP 18 and 20(a), then consider how those rules are in play in each of our pleadings and the way each plaintiff structured their case. Why the different treatment of joinder of parties compared with joinder of claims? Are the parties and claims properly joined in our cases?