Monday, January 9, 2017

For Wednesday-Section A

Monday audio. Very nice start to the semester; I like the high level of participation. Remember that name cards and the seating chart will be distributed on Wednesday.

We continue our Introduction to the class. Consider the second forms of jurisdiction--exclusive jurisdiction as opposed to concurrent jurisdiction. What is the difference? See § 1338. Review the Rules Enabling Act (§§ 2072-2074), along with the 2015 Annual Report, which provides an overview of the rulemaking process, and all the assigned Federal Rules.

We then move to Pleading: Introduction to Pleading. Review all four complaints; understand the facts and law involved as well as how the case is structured in terms of parties involved and legal rights asserted. Consider the concept of "transsubstantivity"--what does it mean (you can sound it out) and how does it apply to the FRCP?