Monday, January 9, 2017

For Wednesday--Section C

Monday audio. We will do the seating chart at the beginning of class. We will take a couple minutes at the beginning of class for questions on the syllabus and on grading.

We move to Pleading: Introduction to Pleading. Consider the concept of "transsubstantivity"--what does it mean (you can sound it out) and how does it apply to the FRCP?  Review all four complaints; understand the facts and law involved as well as how the case is structured in terms of parties involved and legal rights asserted. Note the structure and organization of the complaints in light of FRCP 10. What is the purpose of a complaint, both from the standpoint of the judicial system and the plaintiff filing the complaint? How do each of these complaints reflect those purposes?

Then move to Pleading: Joinder of Parties and Claims. Look at FRCP 18 and 20(a), then consider how those rules are in play in each of our pleadings.