Wednesday, March 1, 2017

For Friday (Double session)--Section A

Wednesday audio. Remember, a double session on Friday. We should be done by around 1:15-ish.

We continue with Summary Judgment: Standards and Procedures. Can you reconcile Celotex and Adickes in terms of what is demanded of each party on summary judgment? Break down the language of FRCP 56(a)--what does it mean and how does it work? Look-up and think about the concepts of Burden or Persuasion and Burden of Production; think about how they work at trial and on summary judgment.

Look ahead assignment-wise: The Preliminary Exam is a take-home, involving five (5) short-answer questions, 150 words per question. It will be distributed on March 20 (the day we return from spring break) and due one week later, on March 27. (That will be more than enough time to work on it).

Essay V will be distributed sometime after break, in all likelihood. To the extent the timing overlaps, we will adjust as needed.