Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For Friday (Double Session)--Section A

Wednesday audio. Essay VI posted on Friday, due on Wednesday, April 5. Double session on Friday.

We pick up with Removal and the question we left off on--given the purposes of diversity and federal-question jurisdiction, why does the Forum Defendant Rule apply to the former but not the latter? Again, review the removal statutes and work through the removal process. Please review the Notice of Removal in Kinsmann, which nicely illustrates how a defendant moves a case from state to federal court.

We then do the SMJ Review, with the materials from Sullivan (on the Blog). Look at the complaint and consider where the lawsuit could be brought and why and what strategic options and preferences the defendant (The NYT) might have.

We then turn to Personal Jurisdiction, our second forum-selection issue, this going to what state a lawsuit can be brought. Prepare both  Introduction and History and Shift to Minimum Contacts. Note that Pennoyer is a rite of law-school passage, one of the historically significant cases that gets read during 1L year. Try to get a grasp on the concepts of in personam and in rem jurisdiction (there is a nice summary in Glannon), which is at the core of Pennoyer.