Wednesday, March 22, 2017

For Friday--Section A

Wednesday audio.

Read and review all of Federal Question Jurisdiction. Again, note the Glannon's reading on the difference in meaning of "arising under" between § 1331 and Article III. We left off on the question of when and why we need jurisdictional grants other than § 1331--do they still play a role? What is the purpose of "arising under" federal question jurisdiction? What is the "Well-Pleaded Complaint" Rule and how does it operate? If the Mottleys cannot sue in federal district court, what should they do? And how do they get a federal forum for any federal issues? Under Mims, what is the core meaning of "arising under" for § 1331 purposes?

Because I think we will get there, start Supplemental Jurisdiction. Just for Friday, read Glannon p. 261-69 and 275-79, along with § 1367 (focusing on subpart (a) and (c) and Jones. Think about the bases for jurisdiction over all the different claims in VOA and Godin.