Wednesday, March 22, 2017

For Monday--Section C

Wednesday audio. Preliminary Exam due at the beginning of class Monday. Essay VI will be posted on Friday.

We have a few final words on Overview. What is the rule on exclusive v. concurrent jurisdiction? How does § 1338(a) illustrate that? When was subject matter jurisdiction raised and argued in Mas and in Belleville--was that timing permissible?

For Monday, prepare all of Diversity Jurisdiction. Consider:
   • Compare the text of Art. III § 2 with the text of § 1332.
   • What are the purposes of diversity jurisdiction?
   • What is the difference between complete diversity and minimal diversity? What is required by § 1332? What is required by Article III? And why does it make a difference?
   • What are the policy reasons for requiring complete rather than minimal diversity? What are the problems with that argument?
   • Where was Mrs. Mas from and why? What is the difference between complete and minimal diversity?
   • How are entities treated for diversity purposes and why are the each treated this way?
   • What is the policy behind the exception clause in § 1332(a)(2)?
   • Review the allegations of diversity jurisdiction in Wal Mart and VOA Was diversity jurisdiction alleged correctly? Why or why not? 

We weil get to Federal Question Jurisdiction for Friday and Supplemental Jurisdiction for our make-up class on Saturday, April 1.