Wednesday, April 5, 2017

For Friday--Section A

Wednesday audio. Remember we are in RDB 2008 on Friday.

Prep the next three sections of PJ: General Jurisdiction Revisited, Property, and International. Consider the distinction between specific and general jurisdiction and what each requires. When is a defendant subject to general jurisdiction? When dealing with specific jurisdiction, what additional question must we now ask with respect to the constitutional test? How does Shoe apply to in rem and quasi in rem cases? Return to the two hypos about the suit in Florida between the Floridian and New Yorker using property; is there jurisdiction in either one? Finally, note the sharply divided (again) Court in Burnham, with (again) no majority.

Think about how this personal jurisdiction analysis can or should work with respect to internet contacts. Think about all the different sites and things you do on the internet and how this might work.

Note that what we're doing is building the analytical outline for your personal jurisdiction analysis--the precise framework you will follow in doing an essay or brief on the subject. As we go, we are adding pieces, such as additional ways for a defendant to purposefully avail. But your answer will follow that flowchart and that language.