Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Reviews, Exams, and Creative Projects

Monday is the final class for both sections. The exam is Monday May 1--Section A at 9 a.m. and Section C at 6:30 p.m.

I will hold two Q&A Sessions, everyone is welcome to attend either or both. The first will be on Friday, April 28, the second will be on Saturday, April 29; times T/B/A.

Creatives projects for Section A will be displayed/presented at the Friday session; projects for Section C will be displayed/presented at the Saturday session. If you want to turn something in prior to the session, please get it to me by Thursday, April 27. This is particularly true for videos (provide me with a thumb drive, if possible) and anything visual for display. If you are writing poems or something similar that you are going to read live, you can send me a copy in advance or give it to me at the session.

The Q&A sessions are just that--Q&A. I will have nothing prepared; I will just be answering questions that you have from your studying. And we will stay until people are out of questions.

In addition, you can email me or post to the blog any questions that arise while studying; I will answer them with periodic blog posts. Check the blogs periodically over the weekend to see what has been asked and answered--it may be things you were thinking of.

Finally, the exam will 15 short-answer questions, worth four points each; the format is the same as the Preliminary Exam; you will have four hours. You may bring with you all assigned course materials (all books and anything assigned and posted to the blog, such as additional cases, provisions, or documents, such as pleadings); class notes; and a course outline for which you were at least 25 % responsible (i.e., a study-group outline). You may not bring in any materials that were not assigned as materials in the class (no additional commercial study guides, etc.).